The Underwater Studio

The Underwater Studio

The Tank

5.5m long x 5m wide x 3m deep
Heated to 34 degrees celsius
Underwater safety platforms and various rigging for lighting etc.

Drapes – covering walls and floor of the tank in and above water available in various colours.  We can also create a variety of different environments such as canals, rivers, oceans, lagoons.


Underwater Window

1m high  x 1.5m wide
Black out hide – to give complete darkness when shooting

In Water Sets

We can build sets both in and on the water using staging and props. Please take a look at our Set Ups page.



63 amp 3 phase power fitted with all appropriate RCB’s

Daylight or Tungsten

Arri 650w
Arri 1.2k
Arri 2.5k
Arri  M40
Underwater Orcas – 30,000 lumens 6250k
Underwater KinoFlo
Above or underwater FalconEye LED Panels




Complete underwater camera systems available to hire


Dry Studio

Dry studio 4m wide, 12m long, 6m high with 63amp 3 phase power

Diving Equipment & Safety Divers

All basic equipment included
Underwater communication system
Fully qualified and experienced safety divers 
HSE approved contractors 

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